Friday Doubles Event!

Friday we will be hosting a doubles event! 3 games of 9th with your partner!

4500 points total (2250 each). Only restriction is no duplicate armies and items.

Team Event rules-Pending

  1.  We will be using the most current version of rules and paths as of March 3, 2019
  2. No warbands !!!!!!
  3.  Have copies of each of your lists for your opponents for each game.
  4.  Sylvan Elves are allowed their free forests, however they must be of the appropriate size as described in their Army Book, and complete with trees (no pieces of paper). It will also be scored for paint.
  5.  Each contingent must separately satisfy the rules for Building Your Army as stated in the Fantasy Battles:9th Age
  6. Each contingent must field two DIFFERENT armies! I.E. – No Dwarf and Dwarf teams, etc.
  7.  Each Team will be considered a single Army for spell generation purposes. Please follow the guidelines as stated in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book. If your army contains Wizards, the Path that each wizard chooses MUST be declared in their army list. A Wizard equipped with the Artefact , Essence of a Free Mind must indicate which two Paths are chosen on their army list. The team will only have 1 set of Flux cards for each of their magic phases and share dice between them.
  8.  Each Team will be considered a single army for magic items as described in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book. 
  9.  Players may not purchase Battle Standands, BUT your teammates General will serve as a BSB for you.
  10.  Characters can join units from the other army (following all rules for characters joining units in BRB, IE supernal or undead cant join non supernal or undead, etc 
  11. Teammates may cast augments on teammates units, but for all other purposes they are separate armies (ie do not cause panic,)
  12. Each army will have thier own general only they can use leadership for.
  13. Characters can give allied units bonuses as long as it works in the rules. "X gives all friendly X" works. "X gives all models with predatory fighter X" would not works without predatory fighter.
  14. All rules are subject to change and nothing here is absoulte final.  No further rule changes will occer after Febuary 28, 2018.  Any questions or suggestions  feel free to post them on the Cornerhammer facebook page, or email

Who's in?

  1. B.R.E.W.S - Paid 
  2. B.A.W.G.S
  3. Mattox and company
  4. Detroit
  5. Flying Js
  6. Team Reisch
  7. WCW